Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So-- Bored Librarian Sketches has been an idea floating around in my head since sometime--- last year? I believe it was early in 2007--- no, scratch that, it seems to have been in 2006, judging by the dates on my drawings. Working as a student librarian down at school had it's ups and it's downs. One of the ups was that I often had a lot of free-time whilst working in Media Collections that Spring. (I was down there for HOURS, and you can only do so much shelf-reading. Like-- maybe two hours. Max. After a while, all the numbers start blurring together.

So, anyways, I started to sketch on the little slips of papers we had out to help the patrons write down cal numbers and find their books.
Bored Librarian Sketches were born.

It's taken me this long to give it a home.

Not all of my art is done in the library. In fact, I'm soon to be a missionary! Bored. Missionary.Sketches just might come to you, but after that, I'm somehow doubting that Bored.Teacher.Sketches will. It just doesn't have any ring to it. :/ Oh well.

Welcome! Enjoy.